Fashion Expo 2009

-Second Life Fashion Expo-




Designer:  Lexi Morgan

Special Expo Items:  Three “One Of A Kind Auction” pieces – “Caution” for the ladies and “Rebel” & “Hype” for the guys.

[Stellar] Hype OOAK Ad blog
Why did you decide to join the Fashion Expo?

I have so much fun being in it and behind the scenes with organizing it each year!

Mainstore SLurl:


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FE Designer Spotlight - MADesignsDESIGNER SPOTLIGHT

 MADesigns SignMADesigns

Designer:  Maddox DuPont

Special Expo Items:
Limited edition shape, styled by Leezu Bexter and Thalia Jie, shape by Maddox DuPont.  I used this shape to model for the most recent Leezu advertising campaign – she wanted me in the campaign, but since I am a male, I decided to create a shape for it – therefore the name.  This is NOT Leezu Bexter’s shape; it is only her name that was used with Leezu’s permission.  Leezu shape comes with MADesigns eyes.
MADesigns Leezu Shape

Why did you decide to join the Fashion Expo?
MADesigns have been part of Second Life’s Fashion for over three years now – either through our support of content creators (both male and female) within our shapes, by offering quality products for more realistic appearance (shapese, hair and eyes) or by putting together one of a kind male shopping district ~ KMADD City which gathers the best of designers for men in one convenient location.  We join Fashion Expo to celebrate Second Life’s fashion and promote what we do.

Mainstore SLurl:

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FE Designer Spotlight:  A Touch of IrelandDESIGNER SPOTLIGHT

touchofirelandsignA Touch of Ireland

Designer:  AliciaKay Kilara

Special Expo Items:  “Dorothy” – all proceeds from this item go to RFL.


Why did you decide to join the Fashion Expo?
This is my first time at the Fashion Expo.  I have always wanted to be a part of this wonderful cause, bringing awareness and help to the American Cancer Society.

Mainstore SLurl:

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Thank you to everyone that sent in model portfolio’s for the Top Model search.

Here are the ones that we’ve selected this year (in no specific order) to take part in our June 14th runway event and Top Model 2009 contest…

  • Payton Heron
  • Aliyeh Yifu
  • Angelik Slade
  • Phillip Dollinger
  • Salvo Waydelich
  • Haruka Kish
  • Khali Laguna
  • Sally Yachvili
  • Stato Meredith
  • Akasha Divisadero
  • Alf Whittaker
  • Annabelle Fleury
  • Celebrity Trollop
  • Nemi McCoy
  • Kryptonia Paperdoll

Congratulations and we look  forward to working with you all.

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Top Model Search – Final Day!

This is it ladies and gentlemen. If you would still like to send in photos for the Top Model search for the Fashion Expo 2009, please submit your folder to Autumn Fairlane and Lexi Morgan today (May 20th).Any that we receive after today will not be considered.

Also….  to all Designers that are participating….  if you are currently NOT in the Fashion Expo 2009 group please contact myself (Lexi Morgan) or Autumn Fairlane for an invite as it is crucial that you are in it. Thank you!

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COMING SOON! Designer Spotlight!!

COMING SOON!  Designer Spotlight!

Keep an eye out starting this weekend for our “Fashion Expo Designer Spotlight”.

Here, we will focus our attention on the designers joining us for this year’s expo.

You’ll get a sneak peak at some of their one of a kind creations!!

So keep this page bookmarked and on your readers!!

~*~ Aly ~*~

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We will be having a Fashion Show at the Fashion Expo 2009 on June 14th  for our ONE-OF-A-KIND pieces created by our very talented designers. We are currently looking for several models to take part in this fabulous event. Two judges will be selecting models to feature the OOAK items. All proceeds from these designs will go to the Relay for Life/American Cancer Society. We had an amazing team of models last year and it was so much fun. We are VERY excited about our second year of Top Model! Same as last year, we will be accepting folders from both male and female avatars.

Below you will find the information needed to enter this contest. Please read thoroughly and carefully before submitting. Deadline for entries is May 20th.

*Create a folder & name it “TOP MODEL CONTEST (your name here)”.
In this folder, please include 3 snapshots (one swimsuit – one casual – one formal) of yourself in the same skin and shape.
*Submit the folder to the following judges:
1) Autumn Fairlane
2) Lexi Morgan
*We would prefer that the photos are not edited or photoshopped.

*Our reason for the use of just one skin & shape in your snapshots is because if you are chosen, this is the look that we would like you to use for the fashion show that you will be participating in.

If you are selected you will be notified via notecard from one of the judges and you must be able to join our Top Model 2009 group because this is how we will be communicating with you.

In addition, there will be a “FASHION EXPO TOP MODEL 2009” selected after the Fashion Expo runway show. One lucky avatar will walk away with wonderful prizes from our talented & generous designers, not to mention the honor of the title “Fashion Expo Top Model 2009”.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Then what are you waiting for???

Questions? Contact Lexi Morgan or Autumn Fairlane (notecards please).

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An Expo update

We would like to thank everyone who will be participating in Fashion Expo 2009. We have so many amazing content creators involved and we are so excited!  We are officially full and will not be accepting new applicants at this time.  If you are still interested in participating we can place you on the waiting list in the event that someone that has already joined, is not able to be there.

*Designers that have signed up for the Fashion Expo and did NOT receive a group invite, please contact either Autumn Fairlane or Lexi Morgan to be added. It is crucial that you remain in this group until the end of the event.

We will soon be launching the Top Model Contest, which runs in conjunction with the Fashion Expo. Watch here for details!

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